Spring Training

Spring Training



M14Hoops Spring Training

M14Hoops is a quality program with a proven record of getting results. Our system of development is unparalleled. We create complete players. Our youth basketball program starts with first graders and continues until graduation. In the spring, we offer programs that fit every athletes needs.


  • First Step is our program for 1st-4th grade boys and girls. It is a great option for young players who are just starting to play or have already been playing.  During sessions players are split into groups based off of age and skill level.


  • The Spring Academy is our program for 5th-12th grade boys and girls. It is structured to fit all players including: players who play another sport and or AAU & Travel basketball during the spring season. With tailored curriculums, low player to coach ratio (8:1), and a positive, intense environment, players are able to take their game to the next level.

Spring Placement Day

All Players Current and New Must be Evaluated for the Spring Academy

Required for all players interested in joining the Spring Academy for Training. This includes previously enrolled students. Placement day is a 90 minutes session used to evaluate the skill set of potential Academy students. In insures a high level of quality in each class, as similar level youth train together. Students enjoy the classes more and have better results.

Can't attend a Placement Day?

No problem! Contact M14 to setup your private evaluation today. If there are spots open after Placement Day you will be contacted for a private evaluation.


Take your players game to the next level by enrolling them in the Spring Academy. This program offers discipline; structure, repetition and focused training that has helped some of the areas best players take their games to the next level. It is designed to help players improve through a progressive month to month build. Players will learn an array of skills to raise their in-game production, as well as heighten their basketball IQ making them smarter and more efficient basketball players. No matter if your player wants a bigger role on the team, trying to earn more minutes, or simply looking to make the team, our Spring Academy is guaranteed to help your player get better!

5th-8th Grade Boys & Girls: Our Spring Academy is a 3-month commitment with 8 sessions per month. There are 2 sessions per week with 1 make-up session on Fridays.

High School Boys & Girls: At the High School level players do a 2-part program that spans 10 weeks. Each part is 5 weeks. There are 2 sessions per week with 1 make-up session on Fridays.

First Step

First Step is a program designed to help young basketball players learn the fundamentals of basketball. First Step is a seasonal commitment with 1 session per week on Fridays. We do not offer a make up session for First Step. Players do NOT need to attend Placement day. This program is open to all players interested.



1st - 4th Grade

Our staff spends hours researching the human body, studying body movements and how strengthening those movements can help players improve their techniques. We believe if players have great technique it can be inserted into what we call “skill drills.” These “skill drills” are supported by our principles. With each player having the correct technique, skill and understanding of the M14 principles, they can translate their knowledge into games or team play. Ultimately, our goal is to see the players transfer their new skills onto the court in a live game!

Our Basketball Training Academy is serious about basketball development and our program is intense. We are very stern, and respect is something all our players come to understand fully. We challenge our players to get outside of their comfort zone to learn new skills and concepts. We do this with professionalism and A-1 coaching. Our approach is very inspiring, uplifting and positive to help players gain confidence.

Are you in the Indianapolis Metropolitan Area
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Then come join M14Hoop's for our $10 Ball Handling Clinic this May.

$10 Ball Handling Clinic

3rd-12th Grade

Sunday May 19th