Spring Template

Spring Academy Basic Information! Our Spring Academy is a 3-month commitment with 8 sessions per month. There are 2 sessions per week with 1 make-up session on Fridays. All players have to be evaluated to earn an invite. Skills that we will work on each month:
  • Part I March: Ball Handling, Footwork, 1 on 1 Attack Moves, Finish Moves, compete 1 on 1, and On the Ball Defense
  • Part II April: Shooting, Jab Steps, Creating Space, Compete 1 on 1, and On the Ball Defense
  • Part III May: Moving without the Ball, Setting & Using Screens, Compete 3 on 3, Off the Ball/Team Defense
Overall, our drill structure and systematic approach combined with the competition portion of each session will help your player translate the skills learned into the game.