Private Instruction

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Welcome to Private Basketball Lessons!

M14 Hoops provides private basketball lessons to help each player be a part of securing a win. Players must improve themselves to improve the team. All the information you need to start today is right here!

The game of basketball will always be “team first.” HOWEVER, individual private basketball lessons will help players gain the knowledge and skills to help contribute to each team victory.


We are excited to help players max out their potential. You will get results.

This training program is uniquely designed to increase player's confidence and develop the correct fundamentals to help succeed at any level. We identify strengths and weaknesses, then customize workouts for that player to advance their game. It will take them to the next level, past their personal hurdles while building on their strengths, too.

The sessions are highly organized to maximize every minute. Players leave with a solid workout plan tailored to take them specifically.

Work Hard:

  • We establish accountability for everyone, us included.
  • Everybody gets goals. Parents. Players. Trainers.


Then Work Harder:

  • Customized plans are tailored to the player's strengths and weaknesses.
  • Practice. Practice. Practice.

Private Basketball Lessons Additional Information:

  • Parents are responsible for the gym location.
  • There is an additional gas charge for all workouts outside of certain cities. Contact us for the specific list.
  • If travel time is over 45 minutes sessions are a flat fee of $200+gas.
  • Players must bring their own basketball and water.
  • There are no payment plans.
  • There are no multiple session discounts.
  • Players must choose which trainer they would like to work with or one will be assigned to the instruction.
  • Checks: There is a $25 insufficient funds fee.
  • Sessions are 60 minutes in length.
  • Please Note: The rate will be based on the amount of players who physically attend the session, not how many are reserved for the session. If one member of the group does not show up the rate will be revised accordingly.


Please contact to register.

Private Basketball Lessons Training Fees:

1 Player - $75

2 Players - $100

3 Players - $140

4 Players or more - $35/pp