Fall Training

Fall Training




The Fall Academy is geared toward getting your player ready for the upcoming winter basketball season. Whether your player is looking to prepare for tryouts or earn a bigger role on the team, the Fall Academy can get them there. Through focused drilling on specific skills and lots of repetition, the Academy can take your players game to the next level.  Not only will your player develop new skills, they will learn how translate those skills in live situations. Our philosophy and methods get results!

Fall Academy Placement Day 2019


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The Fall Academy is invite only. All new players to M14 interested in the Fall Academy have to be evaluated at one of our 'Placement Day' dates in order to receive an invite.  

At Placement Day, players will undergo an intense workout and will be evaluated on their footwork, ball handling, shooting, listening skills and body language. This is our way to ensure all players are placed in the correct academy class so they are getting taught exactly what they need to help advance their development. While The Academy is invite only, Placement Day is open to all players to attend!


4th-8th Grade Boys & Girls

For boys and girls in 4th-8th grade, the Fall Academy is a 3-Part program that spans 3 months (August-October). In each Part we will offer 12 sessions with a make-up session on Fridays. For more information select your players grade level below.


High School Boys & Girls

At the High School level, players do a 2-Part program that spans 10 weeks from the beginning of August to the middle of October. Each Part is 5-weeks, we will offer 15 sessions per Part with a once a week make-up session.

Sunday Skillz Program:

We understand not all athletes (& parents) have decided that basketball is the only sport they want to play. We get it and support that! Sunday Skillz Sessions allows players to keep their skill set sharp and still participate in a fall sport/activity. This program is open to any player who is not a member of our Fall Academy Training Program.

Day: Fridays 5-6pm

Location: Finch Creek Fieldhouse (16289 Boden Rd, Noblesville, IN 46060)


Part I (August): 9th, 16th, 23rd, 30th

Part II (September): 6th, 13th, 20th, 27th

Part III (October): 4th, 11th, 18th, 25th

First Step Fall 2019

First Step is a program designed to help young basketball players learn the fundamentals of basketball. The fundamentals of basketball are what anchors every player's skill set.


We will be laying a foundation for each player by teaching them the essentials of basketball: ball handling, footwork, shooting, and passing. Learning these essentials from experienced trainers that know how to break down the game of basketball, will help make the game easier for younger players!

Our Basketball Training Academy is serious about basketball development and our program is intense. We are very stern, and respect is something all our players come to understand fully. We challenge our players to get outside of their comfort zone to learn new skills and concepts. We do this with professionalism and A-1 coaching. Our approach is very inspiring, uplifting and positive to help players gain confidence.

Our staff spends hours researching the human body, studying body movements and how strengthening those movements can help players improve their techniques. We believe if players have great technique it can be inserted into what we call “skill drills.” These “skill drills” are centered around our principles. With each player having the correct technique, skill and understanding the M14 principles, they can translate their knowledge into games or team play. Ultimately, our goal is to see the players transfer their new skills onto the court in a live game!