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individual basketball drills

Free Individual Basketball Drills

On this page you will find several free superb individual basketball drills to hone your game. Each video lesson on a skill is broken into a series to help you delve deeper and really understand the moves. The Stationary Ball Handling Drill is in 4 parts. The 1-on-1 attack move is also in 4 parts. Our Jab Step individual basketball drills series is a 6 parter that covers Jab Shot Fake, Jab Rocker Step and Jab Close Go. Enjoy!


We believe each player must have enough skill to get on the court to help the team; without the skill, no player can truly impact a basketball game.

The skills we teach at our Academy cover all areas of basketball; however, the videos below will focus on ball handling, footwork and jab steps. We encourage all our players to have a “go to move,” and posses the ability to break down defenders off the dribble. We also tell our players to win the “foot war” by using a jab step or shot fake. Footwork is an essential component to attack moves off the dribble or jab steps. Check out the individual basketball drills in these workout videos below!