$10 Spring Ball Handling Clinic

Are you in the Indianapolis Metropolitan Area and ready to up your Basketball Skills?

Then come join M14Hoop's for our $10 Ball Handling Clinic this May. This is a great way for serious players to get professional instruction with their ball handling. The intense 90-minute workout will encourage players to get outside their comfort zone and push themselves to the limit.

It will also teach them the proper technique and footwork associated with each drill. This makes it easier for them to work on their game while at home.

The goals of the session are for players to get a great workout and learn different ways to increase their basketball ball handling skills.

Sign up as soon as you can. Space is limited and it goes fast!

Skills that we will be working on:

Stationary Ball Handling


Advanced 1-on-1 Attack Moves

Change of Direction

And More...


Belzer Middle School

7555 East 56th Street

Indianapolis, IN 46226

$10 Ball Handling Clinic

3rd-8th Grade

May 27th

4:30-6:00 pm

Check-in: 4:00 pm


*** Bring Your Own Basketball ***