The M14Hoops Basketball Training Experience

Started in 2009, M14 is dedicated to helping youth through the game of basketball. We are a basketball skills development company who's heart is dedicated to 1st - 12th graders.

This company prides itself in quality and results! We have helped thousands achieve their goals regardless of age, gender or skill level.


Our quality experience for players mean classes are structured, intense, and require a high level of accountability. It also means we must make them Fun and Positive! Our quality programs mean the staff is always prepared with a detailed curriculum tailored for the class and for each participant.

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Truly maximize potential with a private basketball lesson. During this session all strengths and opportunities for improvement are charted into a personal basketball workout.

m14hoops instruction_TEAM

Coaches, ready for your team to bring it together? Bring them to us. Small group basketball training will help. Walk away with drills tailored for your team's needs.

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We have Private Lessons and Small Team Instruction in addition to our other offerings and basketball training programs. Private lessons are 1on1 coaching and Team Training is 1 M14 coach to 10 players. Let us help your players and teams max out their potential. Expand ball handling skills and in-game IQ. All of our trainers are experts with extensive experience in playing and teaching basketball. There are absolutely no exceptions.


Spring Academy Part II 7th/8th Girls Test Results

Part II 7th-8th Girls (April) Name Pound F8 Bowtie Sit-up Push-up First Last Begin End Begin End Begin End Begin End Teegan Acres  29  35  38  39  19 19  19  22 Olivia Brown  35  45  37  40  23  25  23  25 Alexia Cole  28  30  38  40  15  15  18  18 Leah Petty  35  40 …

Spring Academy Part II 7th/8th Boys Test Results

Part II 7th-8th Boys (April) Name Pound F8 Bowtie Sit-ups Push-ups First Last Begin End Begin End Begin End Begin End Jake Benefiel  38  37  45  53  25  29  32 41 Kahmi Bracey 35  40 40  45 18  22 18  19 Gavin Bramel 35  34 47  40 27 35 22  36 Preston Bush  31  34 …

Spring Academy Part II 5th/6th Boys Test Results

Part II 5th-6th Boys (April) Name Straight Behind Back/Forth Between Spider Push-ups First Last Begin End Begin End Begin End Begin End Dalen Foster  54  59  65  75  12  19  19  25 Albert Gooden  51 59  63  75  20  23  27  37 Nolan Hamilton  39  45  84  87  4  7  17  31 Camdyn Hardaway  46 …