Come to our SAEP Program Evaluation!


M14 Hoops (2414 Church Rd Aurora, IL)

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There is no Evaluation Fee.

Evaluation Day is for all Boys & Girls interested in our Spring Performance Training. Speed, Agility, Explosive Strength focuses on developing functional strength through multiple planes of motion that will help support and aid in the prevention of injures or lessen their severity. Players will undergo a 1-day evaluation. The evaluation will consist of jumping, sprinting, agility, and strength tests. This is our way to ensure that athletes are assessed being starting training, so we can see what every player needs to help advance their development. This is open to all players.

Spring Structure

The Spring Performance Program begins March and ends May. The structure is divided into 3 parts. Each part is 4 weeks long working on speed, agility, jumping, and strength. The players will pick 2 days during the week that will work best for them. There is a built in make up day during the week if they can not make one of their training days.