Speed, Agility, Explosive Power | SAEP 1
4th - 6th Grade Boys & Girls

This class teaches the fundamentals of performance training. The focus will be on building a foundation in body weight strength and enhance athletic movements that will carryover into their athletic development. Speed, agility, and body weight exercises will be incorporated into these sessions that will enhance their athletic abilities. Proper running and landing mechanics will be taught to help enhance body awareness and motor control. This will lead to greater confidence in their athletic awareness and speed performance. Athletes will work to develop and improve their mobility and stability to support these movements on and off the court.

Registration is NOT done online; ALL players must contact Coach Childress at AChildress@m14hoops.com or call 331.707.5088 to reserve their 4-week schedule and to register.

8 Sessions - $200

Please read "How it Works" section below for Session Package rules.


Monday: 4p-5p
Tuesday: 6:45p-7:45p
Wednesday: 4p-5p
Thursday: 6p-7p
Friday: 5p-6p

How It Works

Training sessions are sold in 8-session packages and with the expectation of seeing athletes twice a week. S.A.E.P. 1 is offered every day Monday-Friday and players need to reserve their spots in 4-week blocks.  We do allow 1 rescheduled session at no charge with the 8-session package. All classes are 60 minutes.


This class will give athletes the proper foundation to build their athleticism on.  Technique is key to building that foundation and this class will cover all directional movements to help increase performance. Any strength exercises will be done using body weight, which will increase core stability.  Having the ability to squat, lunge, do a push up and a chin up correctly will be the strength focus.  This will greatly help each individual athlete on the basketball court in getting in to and holding a defensive stance and triple threat. Basketball is a game where staying low is critical so we want to make sure our athletes have the total body strength to do so properly.  This class will also help with foot speed and quickness. Lateral movements will be a focus so players have the ability to slide their feet as well as make quicker moves with the basketball.

Spring  and Fall S.A.E.P. 1 is a 12 week class. Winter is 16 weeks.

Your player DOES NOT have to be in the M14 Basketball Academy to participate in M14 Strength Programs