Welcome to M14 Strength!

The goal of M14 Strength is to help each athlete maximize their athletic potential.  This is done by using researched facts, science and years of expereince, which ensures that our staff is implementing the latest performance industry concepts.  By developing our athletes correctly, we can assist with injury prevention, help increase production on the court and also educate all players on the importance of diet and living a healthy lifestyle.

Head Strength and Development Coach

Coach Andrew Childress MA, SCCC, CSCS, USAW-1,

“Being part of  the M14 Family is an honor and this a great opportunity for my wife and I.  I look forward to continuing the expert instruction and development that M14 is known for in the weight-room.  Same as on the court, this will be done by providing age appropriate, detailed instruction in a safe, disciplined and fun environment. My passion has always been teaching and developing athletes so they can reach their full potential and learn to live a healthy lifestyle! “

Coach Andrew joins the M14Hoops staff after  being a strength and conditioning professional intern at Michigan State University.  Childress worked closely with over 16 teams. He mainly assisted with , men’s and women’s basketball  as well as baseball, softball and volleyball. Coach Andrew also was a graduate assistant at Ball State University where he earned his master’s degree in exercise science.


Coach Andrew is certified by the Collegiate Strength and Conditioning Coaches Association and the National Strength and Conditioning Association. He is also a Level 1 Sports Performance Coach as certified by the United Stated of America Weightlifting association and he earned his First Aid/CPR/AED certification through the American Red Cross.

What is S.A.E.P.?

No matter the age, all players need to get faster, increase lateral quickness, jump higher and get stronger. All of these movements require usage of all major muscle areas like legs, hips, and shoulders. These muscles need to be developed so that athletes are capable of performing these movements repeatedly without harm or injury. The major injuries seen in basketball are to the ankles, knees, shoulders, and hands.  Typically, boys see more injuries to their feet/ankles, low back and upper extremity: While girls see the same injuries as boys, but they are far more susceptible to knee injuries. By developing these areas through resistance, speed, and agility programs we will be better able to protect each athlete on and off the court. Our programs will look to address these areas by training the muscles around these joints, ligaments, and tendons so our athletes develop a full range of motion. This will make sure the athletes are prepared and capable of performing all movements necessary for the sport of basketball.  

Tracking Results

The first day of our S.A.E.P. class players will be evaluated and tested. This will give a baseline understanding of each athlete.  At the end of the season we will re-test all Athletes that completed the entire season. Similarly to on the court, physical training results take time and dedication.  Testing our athletes seasonally will allow the proper amount of time so they can see positive results.  We do assign exercises for players to do while they are not at the facility as well. 

Is this just for M14 Basketball Players?

NO! Any athlete interested can participate in our classes.  While our strength program is housed in the same facility as the M14 basketball program, it is open to athletes who do not train at M14Hoops for basketball. 

Working out in a group is a great way for athletes to compete and also learn teamwork!

Group Classes

Speed, Agility, Explosive Power (SAEP)

The group class is offered for players during the Fall, Winter and Spring.  Classes are broken down by grade level and gender. SAEP 1 is for all 4th-6th grade boys and girls.  SAEP 2 is for all 7th and 8th grade boys and girls. SAEP 3 is for all high school boys and girls.  We keep a 10-1 player to coach ratio in all group classes.

The classes will run seasonally and registration is done monthly.  The Spring and Fall S.A.E.P. classes will be 12 weeks. The Winter S.A.E.P. will be 16 weeks to cover the basketball season and is only offered for middle school players.  We do not offer any group classes for high school players during the winter (Nov-Feb) because they are in their high school seasons. We do offer private instruction for them instead during this time.


Training sessions are sold in 8-session packages and with the expectation of seeing athletes twice a week. S.A.E.P. 1, 2 and 3 are offered  every day (check grade level page for specific times) and players need to reserve their spots in 4-week blocks.  We do allow 1 rescheduled session at no charge with the 8 session package. Registration is NOT done online, ALL players must contact Coach Childress at to reserve their 4 week schedule and to register.


We understand that some times athletes want to focus on certain areas of their development and we want to support that! Our private sessions allow 1on1 attention to be given in a focused and detailed way.  The first sessions will be an evaluation, after that Coach Andrew will set up a time to speak with the parents about the results and figure out what specific areas of performance training is requested. He will then write a program specifically for that athlete.  Sessions are 60 minutes in length and sold $75/session or

Contact Us to set up a Private Session