Spring Academy Training Program

Welcome to the 4th - 6th Grade Boys M14 Spring Basketball Training Academy!

We hope your player had a great winter season and now it is time to get back to work! You are most likely in 1 of 4 situations:
  1. Your player is playing spring AAU/Travel ball and they need to keep their skills tight
  2. Your player is taking the season off from team play to focus more on their individual development
  3. Your player plays another sport in the spring but doesn’t want to lose their basketball skill
  4. Your player just started playing basketball
… no matter which situation you are in, the Spring Academy is the right choice for you! It is important to our staff that we help your player correctly start their development at this age.  This will be done by focused drilling, intensity and lots of repetition. All participants must be invited. Starts March 11th

Spring Placement Day - All Players Must Be Evaluated for the Fall Academy

Required for all players interested in joining the Academy for Training. This is includes previously enrolled students. Placement day is a 90 minute session used to evaluate the skill set of potential Academy students. It insures a high level of quality in each class, as similar level youth train together. Students enjoy the classes more and have better results.

How it works

All players must attend their grade levels Placement Day before earning a spot in a class.  Players will be invited into their grade level class and a color level as well (grey, blue, or green). The color levels allow our staff to minimize the variance level of talent within each class.  Players will translate their skills against each other during training sessions (1on1/3on3) and by having classes divided by skill and talent it allows each player to be challenged equally. This DOES NOT mean that our most skilled and talented players (grey class) get a different experience at M14; we push each player to be the best they can be.  The talent divide simply allows us to teach each player at the appropreiate speed and ensure they are challenged but not overwhelmed.

Spring A.T.P. is a 12-week commitment divided into three 4-week parts. Classes run twice a week with a once a week make up session offered in case players miss a training session. All sessions are 90 minutes and classes are broken down in to smaller groups so we can stay within our 10:1 player to coach ratio.



$275 per Part


$750 all 3 parts

plus Player Package