Spring Academy Teams High School Prep

7th - 8th Grade Boys & Girls


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At these grade levels, the M14 Staffs main goal is to prepare all players for high school basketballs. It is a priority to make sure players understand the physical skill that is needed but also the mental approach that should be taken to handle high school basketball.


Why High School Prep?

All players in 7th-8th grade are classified as being in our High School Prep program.  We use this label to set expectations and establish accountability.


Each individual grade level has its own set of individual skills, team concepts and over all approach that build on top of each other each year. While we appreciate our staff individual backgrounds within the sport of basketball, the M14 system is what they are trained on and what they must teach.  This allows our managers to hold our coaches accountable. By holding our coaches accountable it will give your player the opportunity to have a positive experience and for all parties to stay focused on what is really important at these grade levels – DEVELOPMENT!

How it works

All players must attend their current grade level tryout date to earn a spot on a team.  We do have multiple teams at each grade level. Teams are determined by skill, talent as well as position.  All high school prep teams will have a 2-3 week training camp at the beginning for the season and then practice three times a week for the remainder of the season. All practices (and training camp sessions) are 90 minutes. Teams will also play 30 games and 7-10 Battle Grounds.


$1350 +
$250 Uniform

reversible game shorts/jersey
game shooting shirt
practice uniform
Nike elite bag


Uniform package can be worn in multiple seasons as long as it is in good condition