About Academy AAU

M14 Hoops wants to help YOU become a better player!   Our basketball training academy staff has years of experience playing and coaching at the high school, college and professional level.  Players will have the opportunity to learn and be mentored under these experienced coaches to advance their game.  We ensure this by establishing accountability on both trainer and player so that every person involved is bringing their best effort. The pace of our workouts guarantees the maximum amount of repetition in a great learning environment.  Our trainers take the time to explain the “when” and the “why” of each move to increase understanding, which helps deliver a high basketball IQ.  The games are played to not only win but also give the opportunity for players to use the skills they have been taught in the game.  Players will be pushed to take more risk on the court while staying within the team concept.

Please Read the Below Information Entirely.  It is written by M14 Founder Matt Miller and it will answer most of your questions.  Any additional questions will be answer at Placement Day or please feel free to contact us via email or phone.

When is the Season?

Although we have tryouts during the fall, the AAU practices do not begin until March.  We will have a 2-3 week training camp and then begin playing tournaments. The season will run March – May, all players will have practice during June but no tournament play and we will conclude the season in July. Specific team schedules will be given out towards the end of February.


How many players on a team?

8 to 10 players

What is the process on getting a player in the High School AAU Program?

All players, no matter how long they have been in our program, do need to attend tryouts.  Players must register for their grade levels tryout and have the option of trying out for our National Team(s) or Regional Team(s).   At the beginning of the tryouts, we have a mandatory parent meeting to go over additional information and answer any questions parents may have. After all grade level evaluations have concluded, players will be contacted with their status (i.e. accepted or denied).  Players that receive invites will be invited on to a team we feel best suites their needs (Regional or National).

What is the difference between the Regional and National Team? Will there be multiple teams of each?

With this being high school, things are much more competitive. Puberty is in full swing and that can effect previous success/failures players have had in the past.  We want to be competitive with any team and we do have to make tough decisions to do so while also trying to be responsible with our parents resources (time and money).

Here’s what I mean: once we get to high school there are players who have goals to play college ball and are good enough to and others who want to just make varsity.  Those two different types of players are both welcomed at M14Hoops but their team schedules should look different.  We are in the mid-west and can get great competition by staying in a 2-hour drive distance.  However, we do have some players that need to gain more exposure and will need to travel outside of that distance.

The difference in the teams will be talent, skill, athleticism and ultimately our staff being realistic with the parent for this season.  Each season rosters will be adjusted to make sure we have quality at every level.

Depends on the grade level and gender on if we will have two National Teams. We will have multiple Regional teams if appropriate.

Are there any additional fees for overnight out of state tournaments?

Yes! When we play in an out of state tournament that causes our staff to stay overnight, we do have a coaches fee.  This fee goes toward the coaches’ hotel stay and gas. That fee is $50 for each 2-day out of state tournament and $75 for each 3-day out of state tournament.   The fee is due the Thursday before the tournament begins.

What are the main objectives at the high school level?

At the 15U level we still have a big focus on development because these players are still in the process of realizing their potential; they are not a complete package yet.  We also begin the exposure process. We will continue to help them figure out who they are on the court and to form an identity.  We want them to then learn how to dominate the game in that way. This does not mean score, score, score.  For some it means scoring, for others it may mean assist or rebounds, energy, or being the hardest worker.  Whatever the skill they are the best at; we want to help identify that and then encourage them to dominate the game in that manner. We also want to start the exposure process for those who may be ready. This comes into play with team placement as well as tournament selection.

At the 16U and 17U level we believe it becomes about production; players need to know who they are on the court and contribute that to help the team (and themselves) gain success.  We still will expand their games through our Degree Training Program but we will encourage players to now play the game to their strengths (differently than when they are in our youth academy when they were encouraged to try different skills on the court to help them find an identity).

Exposure becomes a huge focus for our players at this age as well. Again, through team and tournament selection we will help players gain exposure. We also will have a recruiting expert speak with our parents to further assist them in the recruiting process (if interested).

What is the location?

All practices are held at our facility.  2414 Church Road Aurora Illinois.

Do Parents Have a ‘say so’ where their player is placed?

No. A parents opinion does not matter when it comes to team selection.    Respectfully, we ask parents to trust our program and sign up for the right reasons. Please remember; I want what you want, which is for your player to improve.  At M14, we will play players at the level that we feel offers the most challenge for them.  This will be determined by their individual skill, talent, athleticism versus all the players who are at the tryout.  The season prior or the level played at a previous organization is taken into consideration but is only one of the many attributes used to place a player. Each season things will change and I make sure parents understand this.  Basketball is competitive and the older you get the more competitive it becomes; we respect the sport at M14. We are thankful for all interest in our program and ultimately we let the players decide who is best in between the lines.




What about S.A.E.P. Training?

S.A.E.P. training is available during the winter and spring season but is not included in team fees.  It is highly recommended and yes player do participate during each season.  The season structure is 8 sessions a month with a once a week make up. We have a  4,300 sq ft weight room with the best strength coach in the midwest!

How Many Tournaments Will Be Played?

Both Regional and National will play in a total of 8 tournaments.  Tournaments will be played in the months of April, May and July.

Can I play for another Team besides Team M-XIV?

We DO NOT allow our players in our High School AAU program to play for other travel or AAU teams. This rule does stretch to ‘off weekends.’  We believe players have made a commit to our program and our program has made a commitment to them; if a team is ‘off’ for the weekend we want our players to rest and do not want them to risk injury playing with another team.

Are Parents Allowed To Watch Training Camp?

Unfortunately not.  I understand parents excitement to see the team and what is being worked on which we don’t have any issue with however training camp is only open to players and coaches.  Training camp is the time for players and coaches to learn each other. It is also the time our Directors make adjustments to practice times and plans.  Much like the Chicago Bulls training camp things are new which means things are not always the ‘prettiest.’  We have found by having parents re-enter the gym after training camp is complete it continues a positive relationship between M14 Families and Staff which makes for a great experience for our players!  This is a rule we heavily enforced and professionally ask to be complied with.


Parents ARE allowed to be in the gym for all practices!

Can I Play Another Sports and Participate on a Spring Team?

We do support multi-sport athletes and have no problem with players that do this. Our program for those athletes is our Spring ATP.  When committing to our teams we expect players to attend all practices and games. At times we will change practice (adding them in some cases) and we want all team players in attendance.  Youth Sports has become very intense from a scheduling standpoint, it is nearly impossible to commit to two sports full time during the same season. We kindly ask if you are playing a different sport either make M14 the priority or do not accept a team spot and participate in our Spring ATP program.

Any players who violate this rule will be subject to immediate removal from the team with no refund given.  Our staff is making a commitment to our players, no matter the level and we do kindly ask that same commitment in return.

How many days per week will we practice? When will the practice schedules be available?

At the high school level, all teams will practice 3 days a week. Practice schedules will be sent out toward the end February.

How is recruiting handled?

We have a great partnership with Dark Horse (https://www.darkhorserecruits.com/).  We also offer 2 seminars (October/March) where Dark Horse sends out a recruiting expert to help educate our parents on the recruiting process. M14 also has a wide network of college coaches and scouts for all levels.