This academy is geared toward preparing players for the upcoming winter basketball season. Our goals are either to help your player make the team or become a vital part of the team. This will be done by focused drilling, intensity and lots of repetition. Our methods get results.

Not in the Academy but want to work on the same drills? Practice with our workout videos. These drills break it down and bring your game up to the next level!


basketball scrimmage drills

Fall Placement Day - All Players Must Be Evaluated for the Fall Academy

Required for all players interested in joining the Academy for Training. This is includes previously enrolled students. Placement day is a 90 minute session used to evaluate the skill set of potential Academy students. It insures a high level of quality in each class, as similar level youth train together. Students enjoy the classes more and have better results.

Academy Training Program | 4-12 Boys & 5-12 Girls
First Step | 1-4 Boys & Girls
Sunday Skillz Sessions | 5-12 Boys & Girls
Academy Training Program | 4-12 Boys & 5-12 Girls

The BEST way to get ready for the winter season is enrolling into our Fall Academy.  This program offers discipline, structure, repetition and focused training that has helped some of the areas best prepare for the season.  No matter if your player is trying to make the team, get more minutes on the team or rise their contribution level to the team, our Fall Academy is guaranteed to help any player who wants to get better! We teach the skills that transfer into the game!

First Step | 1-4 Boys & Girls

Welcome to First Step! This program is for all 1st-3rd Boys and 1st-4th Grade girls.  First Step is designed for players who want to learn the fundamentals in basketball in a fun environment.  The primary focus of First Step is FOOTWORK.  Players will also learn ball handling and shooting technique and terminology used in basketball to help them make it into our training program or on one of our Academy Teams!  First Step has proven results; we now have high school players who came through first step and are having great careers!

Sunday Skillz Sessions | 5-12 Boys & Girls

M14 understands not all athletes (& parents) have decided that basketball is the only sport they want to play.  We get it and support that! Sunday Skillz Sessions  allows players to keep their skill set sharp and still participate in their fall another sport/activity.  This program is open to any player who is not a member of our Fall Academy Training Program.

Join Us at our Charity Ball Handling Clinic in October.

Breast Cancer Canned Food Drive Ball Handling Clinic

The event will feature a raffle, a DJ, and a 90 minute ball handling clinic. It will be a chance for the basketball community to come together for a greater cause while helping players get ready for up coming tryouts! Come join us! Pre-Registration is needed for this event. We are only allowing 150 players because of gym capacity.

Pre-Registration Required!

Our Trainers are Professional, Dedicated Coaches. 

Our Basketball Training Academy is serious about basketball development and our program is intense. We are stern, strict and respect is something all our players come to understand intimately. We push our players to get outside of their comfort zone to strive for greatness. We do this with professionalism and great coaching. We are never negative with players or demean them.

Our staff spends hours on research.  Our trainers study human body moves and how strengthening those movements helps players have better techniques. We believe if players have great technique it can be inserted into what we call “skill drills.” These “skill drills” are centered around our principles. With each player having the correct technique, skill and understanding the M14 principles, they are able to translate their knowledge into any game or team they play on. That is ultimately our goal, to see it on the court when they face another team and the referees are out there!


Matt has a "gift", his mentoring and training will change and mold many lives for years to come.

Coach Jay Monahan

This program is all it claims to be. All I can say is absolutely excellent! We will be back and WE APPRECIATE YOU M-14!!!

Stephanie Waldron

...I have had numerous parents and even his coach approach me to ask what Xavier is doing at home because they are so impressed with his ball handling skills and improvement over the season.

Thanks again for everything you do.

Ada Flores

My daughter Shannon has improved dramatically.  Thank you M14!

Dan Ryan

My daughter Emma has worked closely with Matt Miller and the M14 Hoops team to develop her skills so she can maximize her potential. They stress the fundamental skills and post moves required to advance her athletic career. I can see the difference not only in her skills but also in her level of confidence.

Tom Donahue

Coach Matt has orchestrated a high level training program allowing kids to obtain their highest potential on the court. He understands how to motivate the kids to achieve higher developmental growth.

Coach Ted Gradel