About Academy Training Program

M14 Hoops wants to help YOU become a better player!

Our basketball training academy staff has years of experience playing and coaching at the high school, college and professional level.  Players will have the opportunity to learn and be mentored under these experienced coaches to advance their game.  We ensure this by establishing accountability on both trainer and player so that every person involved is bringing their best effort. The pace of our workouts guarantees the maximum amount of repetition in a great learning environment.  Our trainers take the time to explain the “when” and the “why” of each move to increase understanding, which helps deliver a high basketball IQ. A.T.P. is a great training-only option for multi-sport athlete that allows players to stay sharp while they participate in another sport.

 A.T.P. Overview

A.T.P. is the exact training program we have always done at M14Hoops before building our new facility. During the Spring we always structured our program so players were allowed to play with another team or play another sport. The only difference now is we have split those two types of athletes into two different programs. Reason being is because now we offer Academy Teams so the Academy Team program will run differently than A.T.P. in terms of structure and curriculum.  The Curriculum will be our normal curriculum for the A.T.P; the Academy Team practice curriculum are adjusted weekly based on how our players perform in the games.

Will A.T.P. players get the same attention/focus/detail as Academy Team Players?

Absolutely! We have built our program by making sure we get each player better no matter what program they are in.  We push players they same way no matter if it is a camp, clinic, team or just training.  A.T.P. is a way for players who either play another sport or who want to only train with us to stay sharp with their skill development.

When is the Season?

Beginning of March – May (12 Weeks)

What is the A.T.P. Structure?

The Academy Training Program is a 12-week program starting at the beginning of March.  It offers 8 sessions a month (2 sessions each week). This program also offers 4 make-up skill sessions a month. We understand that during the spring season, players are also playing a different spring sport, so time is limited. We make every effort for our players to continue to train with us. If they miss one session a week, they can always use the make-up skill session to ensure they get their 8 sessions completed.

What about Spring Break? Do I lose out on those sessions if we travel that week?

No! Since we offer a make up session weekly, we do not mind if a player uses the make up session for 2 straight weeks plus their two normal days and then trains on their normal 2 days during the week to get their 8 sessions complete before leaving for break.

Can the Make up Session be used as one of my player’s regular weekly sessions?

Yes, not a problem at all.

If my players can’t make the make up session one week are they allowed to join in an Academy Team session to make the miss up?

Unfortunately no.  A.T.P. and Academy Teams do not have the same curriculums, we do not mix programs.

What is the Curriculum?

March- Ball handling & Attack moves (footwork, finishing moves at the rim)
April – Shooting (technique, form, shots of the dribble, creating space, catch & shoot)
May – Translation (Defense, moving without the ball, using and setting screens)

I see there are 3 different focuses for the curriculum, can we join in for the focus we would like?

No. A.T.P. is a 12-week program, each sessions builds from the previous one and each month we still work on skills from the previous. Players must be able to participate in all 12 weeks of the program.

What is the Curriculum on the make up day?

The make up day curriculum is a hybrid of the 2 normal days of training during the week.

Will the players play games?

No. A.T.P. is a train only option. We do play 1-on-1 and 3-on-3 within our classes to further help players understand how to use the moves we are teaching them but they will not play outside games.

If my player is free on a weekend can they play on an Academy Team for that weekend?

No, we have set team rosters and we offer limited spots. We do not mix programs.

What is the process on getting a player into A.T.P?

All players, no matter how long they have been in our program, do need to attend Placement Day, which is our try-out for our Academy Programs.  Players need to sign up for the A.T.P. Placement day for this specific program.


At the beginning of Placement Day we have a mandatory parent meeting to go over additional information and answer any questions parents may have. After all grade level evaluations have concluded, players will be contacted with their status (i.e. accepted or denied).  Player are invited into a color level for that grade level.  There are 3 color divisions, grey, blue or green.  The color divisions are how we divide players into smaller classes and placement within the color is based on skill, talent and athleticism.

What is the player to coach ratio?

9:1 We also count the seconds in-between reps to ensure players are getting the volume needed to see improvement.

What Can I expect out of the Trainers and the program?

Intensity. Discipline. Accountability. Respect. Hard Work.  Those would be the 5 adjectives that come to mind.  We push players to give us their very best each session, every move we teach are moves/concepts that work in the game. It is intense at M14 and we are not for every player because we are demanding.  However, we are extremely positive and believe in winning players over through positive reinforcement and earning their trust. Our players know we believe in them and are here to assist them along their journey, through the good and bad times.

What is the location?

All practices are held at our facility.  2414 Church Road Aurora Illinois.

What about S.A.E.P. Training

S.A.E.P. training is available during the winter and spring season but is not included in team fees.  It is highly recommended and yes player do participate during each season.  The season structure is 8 sessions a month with a once a week make up. We have a  4,300 sq ft weight room with the best strength coach in the midwest!