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M14 Hoops Explosive Interview with Mia Lakstigala

Mia Lakstigala Explosive Interview

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[jwplayer mediaid=”9767″]Mia Lakstigala Explosive Interview

Get to know Mia Lakstigala off the court:

M14: What is your full name?

Mia: Mia Lakstigala

M14: How did your season go?

Mia: It went great! We won the conference championship.

M14: What AAU team are you playing for this spring and summer?

Mia: Illinois Rockets

M14: What are you looking forward to the most for the upcoming AAU spring season?

Mia: I’m looking forward to adding more moves to my game and becoming a better player.

M14: Who is your favorite college basketball player?

Mia: My favorite player is Ryan Boatright. I saw him play in high school and watching him play on national TV is pretty cool.

M14: What are 3 things you always do before games?

Mia: Listen to music, pump up my teammates, and practice my moves.

M14: What will you work on the most to improve this offseason?

Mia: I want to improve my 3-point shooting.

M14: Who is your favorite music artist?

Mia: I don’t have one. I like all types of Hip-hop and R&B.

M14: What is playing on your iPod before games?

Mia: DJ Snake & Lil Jon-Turn down for what

It always gets me pumped before games.

M14: What is you favorite food?

Mia: Pasta

M14: What is your favorite pair of basketball shoes of all time?

Mia: Any of the retro Jordan’s.