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M14 Hoops Explosive Interview with Jack Baldridge

Jack Baldridge Interview

How M14 Paved the way for one of Chicago’s Premier Middle School Point Guards

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M14 Hoops Explosive Interview: Q&A with Jack Baldridge


M14: What is your full name?

Jack B: Jack William Baldridge


M14: Do you have a nickname? If so, what is it and how did you get it?

Jack B: Unfortunately I don’t have one.


M14: How did your season go?

Jack B: It went very well!


M14: What AAU team are you playing for this spring and summer?

Jack B: Illinois Wolves

M14: I hear your Dad is the coach. What is it like playing for him?

Jack B: It’s tough at times, but I love it because no one wants me to be more successful than him.


M14: What are you looking forward to the most for the upcoming AAU spring season?

Jack B: Playing against great competition and getting better.


M14: Who is your favorite college basketball player?

Jack B: Marcus Smart…He is a team guy that gets it done on both sides of the ball.


M14: What are 3 things you always do before games?

Jack B: Eat Gatorade energy chews, listen to music, and stretch.


M14: What will you work on the most to improve this offseason?

Jack B: Shooting, particularly off the dribble.


M14: Who is your favorite music artist?

Jack B: Eminem

M14: What’s your favorite Eminem song?

Jack B: Songs by Eminem


M14: What is you favorite food?

Jack B: Pasta



M14: What is your favorite pair of basketball shoes of all time?

Jack B: Elite 24 Spawn Anatomix