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Explosive Handles: Dynamic Edition Video 3 Sneak Preview

The Dynamic Edition of Explosive Handles is here! Our Explosive Handles series are a set of dribbling drills focused on improving ball handling and footwork. These dribbling drills will challenge a player’s ball handling ability. It will also test their footwork, stamina, and desire to improve as a player. These workouts allow players to work on their game even when they don’t have a hoop!

Video 3 of Explosive Handles: Dynamic Edition is the “Work Paranoid” workout. At M14 we always work on our game as if someone is coming for our spot on the team! This workout is focused on attack and combination dribbling drills which help a player’s ability to stack combinations of moves together. Combination move dribbling drills increase reactive dribbling ability and will in turn increase confidence handling the basketball while being pressured. The video will go over how to use body height, shoulder movement, and combination moves to break down defenders.

The video below is a sneak preview of the Work Paranoid workout  on video 3 of Explosive Handle’s Dynamic Edition. This segment of the video is going over part of the in and out progressions. This dribbling drill starts with a basic in and out move and progresses up to in and out, cross, between the legs. Each dribbling drill in the set of videos will have its own tutorial on how to do the move properly for players who may not know how, so they will be able to follow along with the trainers in the video and walk through the moves.

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