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Explosive Handles: Dynamic Edition Video 2 Sneak Preview

The Dynamic Edition of Explosive Handles is almost here! Our Explosive Handles series are a set of dribbling drills focused on improving ball handling and footwork. These dribbling drills will challenge a player’s ball handling ability, as well as their footwork, stamina, and desire to improve as a player. These workouts allow players to work on their game even when they don’t have a hoop!

Part of the second video of the Dynamic Edition is focused on 2-ball dribbling drills. One of the best ways to improve ball handling and ball control is to add an element to dribbling drills that forces the player to multi-task. Adding another ball to normal dribbling drills forces a player to use both their strong and weak hands. These 2-ball dribbling drills expose the weak hand allowing the player to see the disparity. This adds balance and versatility to a player’s ball handling skills. It also increases hand-eye coordination and the ability to feel the rhythm of the basketball with both hands. These skills are important for players who want to increase their ability to handle the basketball. The other part of the second video is dedicated to combinations of moves out of triple threat. Players will work on combinations of shot fakes and jab moves. These drills will help with coordination and footwork. The drills in the video will go over how to position your body and use it as a weapon against your defender.

The video below is a sneak preview of four basketball drills that are on video 2 of Explosive Handle’s Dynamic Edition. The first drill is a 2-ball dribbling drill where the player will dribble both balls side-to-side in the same direction. The next drill changes the rhythm of the 2-ball dribbling drill where the player has to dribble each ball side-to-side in opposite directions. The third 2-ball dribbling drill will have players push and pull the ball forward and backwards on the side of their body. The final drill in the video is a shot fake, one dribble move out of triple threat. Each dribbling drill in the set of videos will have its own tutorial on how to do the move properly for players who may not know how, so they will be able to follow along with the trainers in the video and walk through the moves.

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