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Coach’s Corner: Moving Without The Ball #2

Baseline drive, baseline drift is another way that we teach our players to move without the ball.

First, let’s talk about the ball handler. In this video the ball handler is going off of a shot fake and drive to score with their shoulder closed. We want our drills to be realistic and easily translated into the game. The ball handler must attack under the block, or through the block to avoid any help defenders. The ball handler will be making the pass off the dribble so they must run through their pass.¬†Once the ball handler gets to the baseline someone must get into their vision to give them a target.


Now let’s talk about the shooter. The shooter is always shot ready. The shooter must leave late and get to the corner early to get into the ball handler’s vision. This means that the shooter must wait until his defender turns his head to locate the ball handler. Once this happens, the shooter will then re-locate to the deep corner to create a sightline and passing angle for the ball handler. On pass the shooter will step in with the correct footwork and shoot. Note that there are variations of this drill where the shooter can penetrate and score at the rim or off of a pullup.