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M14 Alumni Peter Catchings Ready for Junior Year

“My name is Peter Catchings.”

I worked with the M14 staff to get myself mentally and physically prepared for this year. We had some long days on the court and on the hills working on lots of conditioning drills! Those early mornings and long session have been paying off, as I’ve been averaging 36 minutes per game. I’m in the best shape of my life and I’m working hard to maintain where I’m at.
Elliott Sieger basketball video workout review

M14 Hoops Explosive Handles Interview with Elliott Sieger

Elliott Sieger Basketball Video Workout Review

Check out how M14 Hoops Elite guards gain a competitive edge.

Are you trying to take your ball handling game to the next level? Explosive Handles basketball videos takes the dedicated past where they think they can go! Are you a dedicated basketball player? Train with Explosive Handles. Opponents won’t have a chance. Read this and our other player interviews. We take good athletes and turn them into ELITE players. Our basketball workout videos can do the same for you. There are many levels of workouts. Start at the level for you and go up as you progress. Get well earned and well deserved confidence. Put the ball on a string. Get ankle breaking results. Let them try to keep up. And smile.

Elliott Sieger is an elite basketball player in the Midwest. He uses training methods developed exclusively by M14 Hoops. You can learn them through the videos Explosive Handles!

Let’s get to know a little about Elliot Sieger as a person!


M14: What is your full name?

Elliott: Elliott Jordan Sieger


M14: Do you have a nickname? If so, what is it and how did you get it?

Elliott: Don’t have one, but I’m working on it. Every great baller has a nickname, so it’s only a matter of time until I earn mine.


M14: How did your season go?

Elliott: Great my team performed well.


M14: What AAU team are you playing for this spring and summer?

Elliott: Illinois Wolves


M14: What are you looking forward to the most for the upcoming AAU spring season?

Elliott: The competition I will play against and the way my team will perform. We have a good team and we all have something to prove.


M14: Who is your favorite college basketball player?

Elliott: Fred Van Vleet because of his work ethic and leadership abilities.


M14: What are 3 things you always do before games?

Elliott: Stretch, get warm by running to half court and back, and shoot 5 layups with each hand.


M14: What will you work on the most to improve this offseason?

Elliott: Shooting form and my attacking skills.


M14: Who is your favorite music artist?

Elliott: B.O.B

M14: What is playing on your iPod before games?

Elliott: DJ Snake


M14: What is you favorite food?

Elliott: Pizza


M14: What is your favorite pair of basketball shoes of all time?

Elliott: Lebron James 9 Customs (Olympic Gold)


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M14 Presents Explosive Handles Interview with Ray J Dennis

Ray J. Dennis Interview

How M14 Paved the way for one of Chicago’s Premier Middle School Point Guards

Do you want an ankle breaking crossover, tight handle with the ball, and elite footwork? Explosive Handles is just what you are looking for. See how one of Chicago’s premier point guards benefited from the amazing ball handling workout. With Explosive Handles Videos you will gain more confidence in your ability to handle the ball, and take your game to the next level.

[jwplayer mediaid=”8720″]


M14: You just finished a workout, how did it go?

Ray J:  It went good, it was very competitive and the workout was very hard.

M14: You use explosive handles everyday. How beneficial has it been for your game?

Ray J: It just made me be more comfortable with the ball and be able to dish off to my teammates, make them look better and that makes me a better point guard.

M14: Good. You’ve been training with M14 since you were a 4th grader. What has it helped you with the most?

Ray J: It just helped me be confident with the ball and I know I can go up against the best of them.

M14: Does Explosive Handles make translating the moves into the game easier?

Ray J: Yes it did. I was able to create space and not worry about my handles. I could focus on my teammates.

Ray J Dennis Point Guard Workout

M14: You got an injury last fall. Is it true that you were in the kitchen using the Ball Handling DVD with one leg?

Ray J: Yes sir, it is. I was just doing my ball handling video because I know if I keep doing it, I’m going to get better on it. So I just kept doing it.

M14: Now you were on crutches right? How did you make that work?

Ray J: I hopped on one leg and did the best I could and the most I could.

M14: How did your mom like that?

Ray J: She didn’t like it too much.

M14: So, what’s your full name?

Ray J: Raymond Patterson Dennis III

M14: Do you have a nickname?

Ray J: Ray J

M14: Like Brandy’s brother?

Ray J: Haha….Yes!

M14: How did your Middle school season go?

Ray J: It went good! We got 2nd in our conference.

M14: What AAU team are you playing for this spring/summer?

Ray J: Illinois Rise

M14: What are you looking forward to the most this upcoming AAU spring season?

Ray J: All the good competition…I have put in a lot of work since the last AAU season, so it will be good to put it to the test.

M14: Who is your favorite college basketball player?

Ray J: Marcus Paige, he is a great PG and unbelievable leader!

M14: What will you work on the most to improve this offseason?

Ray J: My basketball IQ and speed.

M14: Who is your favorite music Artist?

Ray J: The best rapper alive, Jay Z!

M14: What is playing on Ray J’s iPod before games?

Ray J: LL Cool J

M14: What’s your favorite food?

Ray J: Chicken

Interview: Keiera Ray

M14News gives players a chance to talk. Check out our interview with Bolingbrook High School superstar Keiera Ray…
M14: So how do you spell your name? Keirra? Keirera? We have seen it spelled atleast 3 different ways on google. Set the record straight for us please.
KR30: K-E-I-E-R-A…reporters make that mistake all the time. (lol)
M14: Ok, so do you have a  nickname? 
KR30:  K-Ray
M14: How has the summer be going?
KR30: Summer has been going really well. Just making the best out of my last AAU season and working on my transition from 2 guard to a PG.
M14: How’d the “Dream Team” do?
KR30:  This summer the team is doing better. We are learning each others strengths and weakness and learning how to play together as a team.
M14: How’d K-Ray do?
 KR30: I think I did pretty well. I ran the point for the first time in my high school career and was successful at it. 
M14: Congrats on receiveing scholarship offers. What type of school would you see yourself playing at?
KR30: Thank you! I see myself playing at an uptempo school who loves defense just as much as offense. I do see myself going to a school where I will be able to play as a freshman. I also plan on playing a combo guard (really wherever the coach needs me to play). Getting to the NCAA tournament is something that I would love to have the chance to play in. But, first I would like to start by winning a conference championship. 
M14: Who is your favorite college basketball player?
KR30:  It was Maya Moore now that she is in the WNBA I have to get a new one.
M14: Do you want to play in the WNBA? What are you goals for after college?
KR30: Most players dream to play in the WNBA after college however, I do not actually want to play in the WNBA. My goals for after college is to get my Masters and Doctorate degree in being a Pediatrician. I would love to get my career started early in life.
M14: This past season you played with Tennessee University’s top recruit. How was it playing under Team USA point guard Ariel Massengale?
KR30: I loved playing under Ariel. She always tried to get the best out of the team. She was a TRUE leader and point guard. 
M14: What did you learn?
KR30:  I learned what it actually took to be a point guard. When I talked to Ariel she would tell me how I should go about things when playing the game. And the ins and outs of being a guard. 
M14: Was it tough transitioning from the post to the point?
KR30: It was a real tough transition going from post to the point. I had to spend hours and hours in the gym working on ball handling. In the beginning there was times where I didn’t even use the rim, it was all chairs and cones. Another thing when transitioning from post to point is that the point actually has to think the most out there on the court. Having to be two steps ahead of everyone else on the court. 
M14: Congrats on winning a high school championship! How’d that feel?
KR30: Thank you! It felt great! Accomplishing something that not many people are able to accomplish in their high school career and seeing all your hard work pay off.
M14: Think you all will repeat?
KR30: I think we have a really good chance in 4-Peating. It is going to be a challenge since we did lose 3 great seniors but with 9 juniors returning we still have a chance. We just have to make sure we stay focused and keep working hard since the target on our backs are even bigger,
M14: What are 3 things you always do before games?
KR30: 1. Listen to my iPod
              2. Eat a Chocolate Chip Chewy Bar
              3. Think about the 6 things that make a successful point guard (Taught by Matt)
M14: So we’ve seen you play over the years and we can’t figure this out. Nike or Adidas?
KR30:  Nike!
M14: What have you worked the most on this off season to improve on?
KR30:  I’ve mostly been working on becoming a better point guard and being able to lead the team. 
M14: Getting back to the college topic. Have you choosen a school yet?
KR30:  I have not chosen a school yet. I am trying to decide on which school best fits me. It’s a hard process and I’m not in any rush.
M14: Can we break the news when you do decide on one?
KR30: Of course! You all will be the 4th to know!
M14: 4th????????
KR30: Yep, after I thank God, tell my family and Coach Smith.
M14: Fair enough. Anything else?
KR30: Yes, I hope everyone has a great summer and finishes out strong. And when school starts stay focused on your school work also it’s just as important as the court. To all those who follow BHS girls basketball, keep supporting us. We are putting in hard work on and off the court. Working hard to get the 4-Peat and keep the legacy going.

Interview: Jordan Simmons

M14 News gives players the chance to talk. Check out the new interview with 6th grade phenom Jordan Simmons…
M14: What have you improved on the most from last year?
JS7: I improved in a lot of different area’s. Ball Handling, Shooting, Defense and most of all my passing. I take a lot of pride in passing, Im working to be the best point guard in my class.
M14: What do you like to do more, make the pass or make the shot?
JS7: Pass !  I get a lot of satisfaction from hitting the open man, because 2 people get something out of it. I get the assist, and my teammates get the point.
 M14: Who is your favorite player?
JS7: Jason Kidd/Derrick Rose…it’s a tie
M14: Do you play other sports?
JS7: Yes, I play baseball and soccer
M14: Which is your best sport?
JS7: Basketball
M14: What is your gpa?
JS7:  3.8 gpa … I have been on the A honor roll since receiving letter grades
M14: If any college could offer you a scholarship today, who would you want it to be?
JS7: Kentucky …  Coach Cal is known for producing great point guards. I also like Kentucky’s style of play
M14: Why Kentucky?
JS7:  Coach Cal is known for producing great point guards. I also like UK’s style of play.
M14: What was the last song played on your Ipod?
Slick Rick’s children’s story
M14: If you and your father played 1on1, who would win?
 JS7: ME!!
M14: Have you ever played him?
 JS7: Yes … and he won!
M14: For all the young ballers out there, what advise would you give them so they can be as good as you?
 JS7:  Keep working hard and stay focus everyday.